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Saving Money on Bathroom Renovation Part II

October 18th, 2012 | Posted by OrenS in Bathroom | Soaking Tub
bathroom pedestal sinkWe already discussed some of the most expensive issues that can plague a bathroom renovation. Still, the cost of small to medium things like a new bathroom pedestal sink or soaking tub can also add up. What can you do to defray such costs?

Although any bathroom renovation should involve some fixture replacement, you can also get things like bath tub liners or opt for refinishing. These things can change the aesthetic of your bathroom and can cuts the cost of replacing items. Think twice before deciding what gets replaced and what gets refurbished. This is true for anything from the toilet to the bathroom cabinets.

When working with a contractor make sure to always ask if something needs replacing. Drywall in a bathroom often gets damaged by moisture but you can usually salvage most of it. Problem piping can be traced to just one length of pipe. Obviously, fixing that one area is a lot cheaper than redoing all the piping. Don’t be scared to get a second contractors opinion.

If you can do something yourself, you should do so. Installing a toilet or retiling a bathroom, these are common DIY projects which can cost pennies on the dollar when you do them yourself over having a contractor do them.

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