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Upgrading Your Bathroom for a Baby

November 6th, 2012 | Posted by OrenS in Bathroom | Soaking Tub
soaking tubThere is a lot that goes into making your home baby ready, from covering all points at crawl level to getting outlet protectors. Many people also spend the time before the baby arrives shopping for the finest in baby gear. The finest in baby gear, however, can also be the finest in home gear.

If you have a beat up old bathtub, or worse just a shower stall, you are not doing the baby any favors. You need to upgrade to a soaking tub or at the very least something you can give the baby a bath in. You will need to be bathing your baby for a while so you need a sizable tube with precise water control to do it. Even when your child grows old enough to give themselves a bath you will want them to have the best. It’s not just about the baby. You can get a new tub that is safe for the baby and luxurious for you, like a whirlpool tub.

Remember to also get those small bathroom safety items like toilet protectors, strong locks for all medicine and cleaning supplies, and nothing that is too easily knocked over. That baby will be crawling up a storm in just a few months. Are you ready?

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