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Fix Leaky Plumbing Fixtures ASAP

December 26th, 2012 | Posted by TimD in Bathroom | Decor Island | Kitchen Decor Tips | Saniflo Toilets | Soaking Tub

soaking tubThe dangers of a leaky macerating toilet or bathroom pedestal sink should not be taken lightly. This is especially true in a neighbor’s unsanitary leaky ceiling, or worse, you might see the ceiling beneath the leaky fixture collapse all together.

The best way to ensure these awful fates do not befall your home or building is to address even the most minor of leaks as soon as possible. If you begin to see pools of water developing around the sink, toilet or soaking tub, you should immediately try to identify the source of the water. If the problem requires a plumber, call one in immediately. The cost of preventative work from a plumber will be far less costly than replacing a floor or ceiling in its entirety.

For some, the key might simply be replacing an old, outdated sink or tub. A new unit will be installed and fixtures will be tighter than ever. The unit itself will be more durable for the long haul simply by virtue of being new.

Taking care of your tubs, sinks and toilets means not over taxing the plumbing system. Still, even if you have taken special care to avoid overdoing it, the plumbing can simply need some maintenance to avoid leaks.

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