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Free-Standing Toilet Paper Dispenser

February 11th, 2013 | Posted by TimD in Bathroom | Decor Island

macerating toiletMany of us have a toilet paper dispenser installed in the wall next to our macerating toilets. It is helpful and convenient to have. It also beats the heck out of putting the toilet paper roll on the back of the toilet or a nearby radiator–not the safest choice.

Of course, installing a toilet paper dispenser on the bathroom wall can be a difficult process. You might need to use tools to clear out a portion of the wall. Or you might simply have to screw a dispenser into the wall, causing potential damage to your bathroom. You might need new building materials like tiles and plaster to fix the area around the dispenser. In the end, most people decide that bathroom renovation work is not the best way to handle your toilet paper needs.

Instead, a free-standing toilet paper holder is usually the best bet for people who would rather not put holes in the bathroom walls. Decor Island has a wide selection of stylish, free-standing toilet paper dispensers to choose from.

Do not settle for the toilet paper on the back of the bowl any longer. Instead, enjoy a modern-designed bathroom. Not owning some sort of dispenser is reminiscent of college days. Make the simple choice with a free-standing holder.

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