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A Bathroom Pedestal Sink for Your Summer Home

June 17th, 2013 | Posted by TimD in Bathroom | Decor Island | Whirlpool

bathroom pedestal sinksFor many of us a vacation house is a dream, a goal and a chance to feel like we have the world at our fingertips. Of course it is also a financial reality that is hard to get perfect right out of the gate. For a lot of folks purchasing vacation homes, renovations are done piece by piece when time can be afforded to it. Making things perfect becomes something of a hobby. This pet project can evolve over time until it finally feels complete.

In the rush to make your vacation home comfortable and great for entertaining, the bathroom often draws the short straw. Once you get around to fixing up these spaces, you are probably going to lean a little more for aesthetic harm than functionality. This is why bathroom pedestal sinks exist. Each of these classically styled fixtures can give your restroom the look of real luxury. A bathroom pedestal sink is easy to install and can create a centerpiece to design the rest of the space around.

Of course getting a bathroom pedestal sink is not going to complete your dream summer home, but it is a great step towards perfecting your bathroom. Check out Decor Island for a vast selection of these sinks.

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