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Bathroom Pedestal Sinks Save Space

August 13th, 2013 | Posted by TimD in Bathroom | Decor Island

bathroom pedestal sinksSpace is important in your home. In fact, space might be more important than all of the amenities and comforts in the world. We are animals and we need room to roam in our homes. Whether you live in a small studio apartment in New York or a palatial ranch in Austin, you want to make the most of the space you have.

One place people rarely maximize their home’s space is the restroom. You spend so much time simply fitting in the toilet, sink and soaking tub that you can never really consider anything else. This is why we encourage consumers to not rush through these jobs.

If you have a mirror cabinet to stash all of the toiletries your bathroom requires, you can save a lot of space by removing the sink vanity. Instead, purchase a slender bathroom pedestal sink that can free up as much as a few feet on either side. It is impressive just how much of a difference that extra room makes.

Even a large pedestal sink is space-saving when compared to the modern model of kitchen sinks that are mounted on wooden cabinets.

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