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Towel Bars in Your Kitchen

October 15th, 2013 | Posted by TimD in Kitchen Decor Tips

Towel bars are as trusty a kitchen accessory as one could ask for—reliably there next to the sink carrying with it a towel, of course. Whether you need to dry your hands before enjoying a meal or hastily dry a washed plate before your eggs are finished frying, the towel bar is there to lend a hand. It is a kitchen assistant for everyone and a stylish decor flourish to give the kitchen an opportunity for some added color.

If you are in a kitchen without a towel bar next to the sink, you are missing an opportunity. These simple kitchen adornments are a chance to make your kitchen look better and function better than you ever would have expected.

That functional assistance, though, cannot really be overstated. Recently, I washed my hands in a friend’s kitchen sink. There was no towel bar to be seen. Paper towels, an environmental drain on everyone and everything, were unhelpfully placed on an adjacent counter. After traipsing across the kitchen leaving a river of water between the two counters, I used multiple paper towels to dry and then multiple more to clean the floor.

I recount this series of events to say a simple towel bar could have allowed us all to avoid this situation.

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