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Some Ways to Assess and Accomplish Small Plumbing Jobs

January 13th, 2014 | Posted by TimD in Bathroom | Construction

WhirlpoolsFor homeowners and even some construction contractors plumbing projects can be a vexing prospect. While the do it yourself spirit can save you a lot of money attempts at taking on certain projects could make matters worse fast. Another thing to consider is the long term prospects of your work. Shoddy plumbing can make future projects a lot more difficult.

Before you take on any plumbing project you should know where your home’s shutoff valves are. Whether you are installing a new Saniflo toilet or just trying to snake out a drain you should be prepared to turn the water off if something comes up. Generally these are found in the basement.

If you learn how to “sweat copper pipe” you will have a great skill that is integral to plumbing repairs. The basics are simple; clean the copper, add some flux, heat the joint, and apply some solder. If none of that makes sense to you think twice before installing that Whirlpool and do some research on plumbing.

Knowing what kind of plumbing system you are working with overall is vital for small and large jobs. You will understand a lot of important things about what you can and cannot do if you make sense of your home’s plumbing as a whole.

These are just some ways to help assess and achieve your plumbing goals. More to come at a later date!

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