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How Detailed Scheduling of Remodeling Projects Can Help

February 3rd, 2014 | Posted by TimD in Bathroom | Kitchen Decor Tips

bathroom pedestal sinksPlanning ahead is key to successful remodeling jobs. Whether you are going it alone or hiring some expert contractors the most important thing is to have an itinerary that is detailed and realistic. A few weeks ago we highlighted the need to make all decisions regarding a renovation project in advance(check it out), this will help make scheduling easier and more effective.

Your schedule should account for possible setbacks but it should also be written to make the most of the time available. As problems arise you can always adjust but running a tight ship also requires clear start and end times that you and your workers have to adhere to.

By creating a detailed schedule for your remodeling job you can assess progress with clear benchmarks. The results will be a project that costs less thanks to less work overages and gets done faster. For contractors and yourself holding feet to the fire is the best way to generate real results.

From big bathroom renovation projects like installing bathroom pedestal sinks to smaller projects like replacing a single bowl kitchen sink, a clear plan can help you get things done. Winging it has lost a lot of good homeowners a ton of perfectly good money.

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